Day 9

So it seems I missed a few days, I didn’t realise how many. I caught the school germs and had a need for more sleep than usual, but I’m back on track and off to fill in more surveys. maybe a little spread sheet of total pennies will keep me encouraged and motivated?

I feel like I might be more enthused in the new year when the thought of Christmas isn’t dragging me down. How can anyone really get excited about Christmas when debt is weighing down on us?

But on a brighter note, only 5 more working days until 2 weeks off for Christmas, just think how many surveys and side hustles I can going in that time…

Dinner tonight is FREE chicken… how? I’m sure a friend of mine thinks I’m starving and can’t afford to eat, every time they get themselves a bargain, they pick one up for too! Everything tastes better when it’s free, right?

Until tomorrow…


Day 4

Oh wow, how do people fit all this side hustle in to one day?

Social media, blogging, side gigs, being a mum, going to work, housework, cooking dinner, a cuppa with a friend, family phones calls, teenage dramas and nagging and the one sole hour I get to myself to watch a bit of TV, which, by the way is when I’m writing this!

Today has been full of free donuts, the usual commute to work and back, a tragic lack of tea and frantic rummage around the deep depths of the freezer because I forgot to get the chicken out this morning.

I managed to get one survey filled in, taking my total Qmee balance up to a whopping £1.80… I will get quicker. Maybe.

And my blogs will get longer. I think…

Until tomorrow…

Day 3

It seems that my time to blog will around 8 pm!

What with getting children out the door on time in the morning, doing a full days work, interviewing for a side gig, keeping the children fed and dealing with an abundance of teenage dramas and emotions, the day just gets away from you.

No surveys completed today but I did manage to secure the first of my side gigs to get me started on saving the real pennies. So all in all Monday didn’t kick my backside quite as much as I expected it to.

A short one tonight because my bed is calling…

Until tomorrow…

Day 2

Well it’s day 2 of challenging myself to blog my life, debts and everything!

Being a full time working single mum we’re pretty much left with the weekend to get things done, so today the housework has been done – not that it looks like I’ve actually achieved anything – and the Christmas decorations have gone up, not a choice I have with a Christmas infested 14 year old daughter yapping at my heels. But that’s fine, it’s all for the kids, right?

I’ve also spent about 2 hours filling out surveys online, some I was booted off of because I wasn’t suited to them, some were very long winded and some just weren’t available by the time I got to them. What I can tell you is that Opinion Outpost seems to be the most available,  there always seems to something to do on there. A couple of the surveys asked for a child to do them, and yes I watched the questions when she had a go, but as soon as you say you won’t download an app to your computer you’ve lost the survey and you don’t get paid the point you got to. So did I earn any money? I didn’t even make it to £2.50!

I’ll give it a few more attempts and see how I get on.

Monday tomorrow and one day I might actually look forward to it, but until then, onwards and upwards to the job that keeping food on the table!

Until tomorrow…

Welcome to my new blog.

Welcome to my new blog, a place where we’ll talk about making and saving money and the trials of tribulations of being a single parent to teenagers, who, as you can imagine, seem to believe I have very deep pockets!

I’ve spent the day, between basic chores such as keeping the kids fed and in clean clothes, setting up survey sites and putting this blog together.

My mission is to be out of debt by the end of year! A little background as to how I got to this point…

I spent 12 years getting myself out of the debt my ex husband left me in while still providing for my children, I did it! Proud was an understatement! Then I decided it was time to move area for the benefit of the children and a new start all round. As you can imagine, it has cost a pretty penny to relocate and in the space of six months, I’m in debt again!

So this is where we’re at….


Counting the pennies from the penny jar that’s been filling up slowly across the year. £11!

I do have a full time job, it doesn’t pay great, this means I have to claim top up benefits. I can quite honestly say that it isn’t enough to indulged in luxuries such as paying off debt. Hopefully, by ‘Looking after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’ as Nan would always tell me. So here’s the start, a few survey sites to get me going and after some research here’s my low down on the three I’ve started with…

Pays cash for every survey that you can send straight to your email. Easy to sign up, easy to use and easy to see how much you have earned. I feel like it will take some time to make it worth while. I spent an initial hour getting it rolling, most of the surveys ask initial questions to see if your appropriate for the survey and you don’t get through to all  of them. After the hour I have so far earned £1.16.

Opinion Outpost

Took about ten minutes to set up and you can children under 16 to answer surveys too, if your comfortable with letting your children get involved. Here, points = pennies.            50 points = £2.50. Again, easy to use and easy to see how your points are adding up which can be turned in to Paypal funds. So far I have 20 points but I have only spend about 30 minutes looking around and seeing how it works.


Slightly more complicated to start up, requires an actual address. However there are £’s in the bank already. £3 just for signing up but a lack of surveys until you fill lots of profile information. I have 1 survey waiting but haven’t done much more with it yet.

So watch this space as I add up the pennies, Strive to get through Christmas without spending more money I don’t have and start to save in January. I’m hoping that by writing it all down it will keep on track and motivated, maybe give other people in my position some good ideas or even giggles with tales of teenage dramas.

Until tomorrow….